Jul 25, 2008

Bam Slam!

Basically when we work under someone, we have to listen their advice and try to do a good job. That is my belief and if we are not agreeable to advice and feels that there are other ways to do thing, we can always discuss.

Remember the lady that we hired at school couple months ago?

She was wonderful lady, very hard working and basically been friendly to everyone – the teachers and the students. Her work on keeping the school clean and her cooking was great too (I learned some good tips from her). After 2 months with us, something happened. The principal of the school have telling me that this lady’s work performance has been degrading and despite their chats & some perks, it has not improved. One area that we are very particular is on cleanliness – this is a kindergarten and the last thing we want is to have unhealthy environment for small children. There is no compromise on this no matter what is the excuse.

Just couple days ago, as the principal of the school came back from the meeting, she noticed some rubbish in front of the school compound. So, she asked this helper lady to clean up and was about to go back to her office when this lady replied “No, I cannot do it”. That took the principal by surprise and when we found out, we felt bewildered ourselves. Hey, what is happening to this nice lady that we knew of?

So, the reply was a strong “no, I cannot do it”, the principal asked whether she need to do it then? – implying that she is the principal and it is not her job scope. The helper lady still said no, she is not going to clean up the rubbish.

As this argument between the principal of the school and helper lady was on-going, we got anxious but kept to the teaching work. We even heard the principal asking this lady whether she is having any personal problem for it is not known for this lady to refuse to do cleaning work (it is her job anyway). In the end, the lady had enough and walked off from the school, leaving the principal in a very angry mood.

Till this day, no one knows why this lady was angry and walked off for the principal has been a fair to everyone and did ask the lady politely to clean the rubbish. Complaint from the bosses is very usual and it is something everyone needs to get used to it. Certainly things are strange – the lady could have some personal problems but certainly it is not way to quit the job. The last I heard, the lady is still unemployed and even called to get her old job back. But everything is too late for her now since her requests have been rejected.

Here we go again – looking for helpers for the school…

Jul 23, 2008

Give me a "minute"

Been very busy but will be back soon on my posts…

Been updating my stories (in rough papers & in my mind) but still don’t have the time to type the down. Will do so in the next few days

Apr 17, 2008

The more important things

Which is more important?

Children finishing their course books or understanding what is in the books?

More of it in later post.

Apr 7, 2008

What is this word game?

Just short snippets from me…

I did not know that this new job as a kindergarten teacher will take whatever free time that I had 7 days a week. Monday to Friday, it is work at school and later in the afternoon, day care work. Saturday to Sunday, it is preparation for next week’s school activities. Whatever time I have in between, I spend it on housework – the only time I can afford to clean the bedroom and the bathroom is on Saturday and Sunday.

But I am not complaining though – the money is still good and it is a good “educational” journey for me till now. I never recalled having to face the same level of education when I was in my nursery, same goes with my husband who was in church based nursery.

Somehow in the last 20 – 30 years, the level of education has gone up so high that people like me have to start learning all over again. Open the English books and I can’t describe 50% of the words there without a peek into the Oxford dictionary.

Take for example the word “FONT”. If you look at the meaning in the net, it is also know as a basin for holding baptismal water in a church or a receptacle for holy water; a stoup or the oil reservoir in an oil-burning lamp or an abundant source; a fount and a complete set of type of one size and face.

Now how one will describe this to a 5 year old of what it means…simple and plain.

Mar 31, 2008



(Picture source: http://www.sweden.se)

Busy, busy, busy…

What started as a single post as an English teacher has been extended to many extra posts now. Well it can be said that I am “in training” for headmistress work without the headmistress pay. Ha ha.

With extra workload, I had something shopping to do – starting with a good dictionary and perhaps some kiddies books for teachers. So, I started my normal activity of running up and down to book stores looking for reference books. And it is difficult to understand kiddie’s books from an adult point of view.

It’s tough!

Mar 16, 2008

Aaa-aaa & baa-baa

This is something that I did not learn when I was small – that is how to pronounce the words. I am learning more from a prepared audio tape and so far it is going well with other children.

When I explain how to pronounce the words with saying “aaa-aaa” before saying alligator, the children in my class are able to pick these words quite fast. Thinking that I have conquered the hard part, I decided to experience this on my son and to my disappointment, it did not work. Instead of saying “aaa-aaa”, my son said “eee-eee”, with him and my husband laughing.

It is either too advance for him or he is just joking.