Mar 6, 2008

How it all started

I was not trained to be a teacher and I never was, so me becoming a teacher was quite accidental but it is something that I am truly grateful for.

It all started with a vacancy for housekeeping assistant at a kindergarten close to home and I was a kind of getting boring staying in the house, so I applied for it.

Applicants were few, so I was able to get the job without much problem. Housekeeping work although less stressful, was however tiring – I needed to clean up the place, cook and bath the day care children. Although I love the work around young children, I was hoping for a better offer or work details.

And God answered my prayers – the headmistress of the kindergarten called me to her office one day and told me that my command of language is good and she have noticed how well I am able to work with young children and therefore offered the job of English teacher. Apparently they been looking for one for some time now and I made a perfect match to their requirements. A truly welcome offer away from housekeeping work (I was getting foot aches as well), I grabbed the offer without much hesitation. So, I officially became an English teacher in a kindergarten but it did not end there.

I was still required to go for teaching classes and sit for examinations and of course, there is the other part of teaching – handling students and parents. Sure looks like plenty of things to come forward soon.

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