Mar 14, 2008

Extra Hand

It was not easy but we finally got an extra helping at school.

When I joined the school, I helped out with the housekeeping and cooking but after I got my *ahem* promotion, the housekeeping and cooking tasks were “shared” out by all of us at school. It was straining us, of course – for we had to take care of the teaching and day care as well. It was not easy to find someone who can take care of things well.

For temporary basis, we had to contract out the housekeeping work to a housekeeping agency but cooking was still done by us. Finally, we had a permanent solution – we got an extra helping hand and she is from Myanmar, married to a local and she had 2 kids. She is quite good in housekeeping – I was amazed of her stamina and “skill”, managed to cleanup the area quite fast.

She is also good in cooking – special food for kids was a specialty and she got off with flying colors. Having kids of her own helped her to mix well with the young students at school

What a relief - now we can go back to concentrate on teaching.

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